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Doing Yoga Daily is beneficial for your health

When we’re working hard to be the best we can be, we also need to take care of our bodies. There are tons of ways that getting healthy exercise actually helps you to earn more and even save money. Best of all, Yoga is proven as a truly healthy exercise that doesn’t carry the risks of impact injuries or cardiac overwork. You’d be amazed how many people die on treadmills every year! You don’t hear that about yoga.

But Why Is Yoga so Economical?

  • You don’t need special clothing or a lot of equipment.
  • You get more energy to do other things – like making money.
  • Once you know what you’re doing, you can do it at home, on the beach – anywhere.
  • You can lose weight, saving yourself from disease risks and medical costs.
  • Tons of other health benefits that can reduce your chances of getting ill and losing productivity.
  • You remain flexible, so you can do more even as most people age and grow stiff.
  • You reduce stress, allowing you to focus better. Better focus, better performance, better-earning capacity.

How to Learn Yoga on the Cheap

First and foremost, Yoga is going to be way cheaper than a gym membership – at least, it should be. Because most trainers give classes attended by several people, they can reduce the individual costs. Once you’ve learned a few yoga routines and know you’re getting the positions right, there’s nothing to stop you from quitting the class and carrying on at home for a while.

Try these economical strategies to make yoga part of your life:

#1 Look for Community Classes

Just a quick look around the internet shows that many community groups are offering yoga classes dirt cheap. There are even groups who gather informally and you don’t have to pay a cent. What’s available in your area? You know where to look, don’t you? Yup! Google has the answers.

#2 Learn Online

Just a couple of caveats here. It might be a good idea to try this with a friend or in front of the mirror. You don’t want to get those poses wrong because you might even hurt yourself.

  • Check in the mirror, or better yet, have a friend check you.
  • Don’t run before you can walk. Start simple and work your way up.
  • Choose a really good site. Not all of them are equally good.

Mother and daughter doing yoga exercises at home.

Here are some sites that are recommended by yoga fundis:

  • Yoga Journal
    Use it as a general information resource. There are some great videos explaining specific poses. Good if you already have an idea of what you want to do.
  • Cody
    This one look rather more expensive than Gaia, but there’s a free introductory offer, so you can check it out and decide for yourself. The app promises interaction with your coaches when you need it, so it’s understandable that the price would be a little higher.
  • YogaGlo
    This site offers actual yoga classes. It’s a paid service, but you get a 15-day free trial. Even if you don’t take the paid package, this could set you on the right track
  • Gaia
    Fabulous videos and complete routines are to be found here. Again, it’s a paid subscription, but three months will cost you about the same as your favorite Starbucks beverage. Worth it? It sure looks like it!
  • DoYogaWithMe
    You pay to watch and participate, but it isn’t much, and once you’ve learned a few routines, you can always go on without the videos. Tip: watching on a mobile device is cheaper.

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