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Best Makeup Removing Wipes to Clean Skin Before Your Gym Workouts

Cleansing wipes are oh-so-handy!

Go from office lady to gym bunny in a flash with one of these makeup removing wipes. Sweating it out in a full face of foundation is a big no-no as your sweat can mix with your cosmetics to clog your pores. That means more acne breakouts, which nobody wants. Instead, reach for these super convenient cleansing sheets. They’ll leave your complexion clean and fresh in one swift motion so that your skin can breathe better during your workouts.

Bifesta Cleansing Sheet Brightup ($14.50 for 46 sheets)

With new cleansing ingredients derived from facial toners, these large water-based sheets remove makeup thoroughly even faster while being gentle on skin. The hypoallergenic and friction-reducing formulation is ideal for sensitive skin, while Vitamin C and lactic acid remove dead skin cells and blackheads to reveal brighter and smoother skin.

Innisfree Apple Seed Cleansing Tissue ($3.50 for 15 sheets)

The apple seed oil soaked in this cleansing tissue effectively fights clogged pores while nourishing skin. The apple extract, including peel, treats the flaking dead skin cells and opens the pores to help eliminate embedded impurities. The cold-pressed apple seed oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids that make skin feel refreshed, moisturised and firmer.

Simple Micellar Cleansing Wipes ($15.90 for 25 wipes)

With modern Micellar technology, numerous micro-cleansing bubbles are trapped within the soft layers of the fabric wipes to effectively remove dirt, oil and makeup and unclog pores without any artificial perfumes or harsh chemicals that can upset sensitive skin. Infused with multivitamins, skin is not just clean and hydrated, it is refreshed in an instant with no sticky residue.

Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Tissue – Oil ($8.90 for 30 wipes)

If you’re dealing with redness and enlarged or clogged pores, use this odourless tissue which is infused with baking soda that gives it a light exfoliating effect suitable for daily use. Rich in nourishing vitamin E and grape seed oil, skin is left moisturized with better elasticity, while linoleic acid prevents dryness. The light and compact packaging with a convenient lid make it easy to pack.

Sephora Collection Exfoliating Face Wipes in Charcoal ($10 for 25 sheets)

Designed to use on the go, the Sephora cleansing wipes are in mini travel sizes and come in a range of ingredients to meet the needs of different skin types. The wipes have two textures – the exfoliating side with microbeads eliminates impurities and special attention should be given to the T zone, while the smooth side removes even the most stubborn eyeliner. For normal, combination and oily skin, the Charcoal version is great as it detoxifies dull skin.

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